i don’t care enough or so it seems

someone judged me based on piecemeal stories and corridor updates. it bothered me the whole of friday because i couldn’t quite figure out what wrong have i done to deserve this. my subsconcious mind spend a good amount of time trying to figure out the validity of the claims.

did i not show enough concern? was i truly unaware of their well-being? i admit i was too busy to mother everyone the way i rightfully should but i think i have done what i can within my means to ensure everyone is ok.  maybe i don’t have time for lengthy

you were not in the picture for our wars, you don’t know the urgency of things, you don’t know how much attention is being thrown at us and you don’t know how fast we need the turnaround time to be because people are waiting for information – up to date, accurate information.

please don’t say we, or i, don’t care. we do but things still needs to be done and it needs to be done with precision and speed.

i know what is happening now can be stressful but i can only hope they know we are in this together and i never meant for them to feel alone and burden.

if only you would hear our side of the story before passing judgement on me, in words and in paper.


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