17 days of solitude

the only vivid memory that come to my mind when i try to think of the things i’ve done in the first 17 days of 2009 is work.

i honestly haven’t been doing much of anything else.

my anything else :

1. watched twilight for the 3rd time and i didn’t even have to pay for the ticket.

2. watched red cliff for the 2nd time and i didn’t even have to pay for the ticket.

3. finally got my hands on eclipse (thanks to mac) and breaking dawn (thanks to myself and harris bookstore).

4. started on eclipse last night and fell asleep with it. woke up at 8 and continued reading. i love being so engrossed in the twilight world. i think i can start with breaking dawn on monday. hee!

5. “flightless bird” still on heavy rotation. i play this song when i step out of a draining meeting because it lifts my spirit.

6. still trying to put off CNY shopping because i seriously am not in the mood for it. every single piece of clothing in the store disinterest me.

7. smile at rob pattinson when i enter or leave my room.

that’s it.

i kind of like my life this way.
impossibly dull yet achieving the things i want to achieve in 2009 : –

– intense focus on work
– sleep early
– spend less

all 3 translates to an impossibly dull life.

hur hur.


i digress.


sometimes, the things edward cullen says makes me cringe and swoon at the same time.


“sleep, my bella. dream happy dreams. you are the only one who has ever touched my heart. it will always be yours. sleep, my only love.”

and you know, i don’t really care about the wolves.


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