a long and lasting life.

i held back my gasp when i saw my neighbour last month. he was standing outside his apartment and trying to make his way in. what shock me was how much he has changed the last time i saw him, which was a month ago from last month. he has loss almost half of his body mass to cancer.

i didn’t know what to say. i didn’t know how to smile. i just looked deep into his eyes and gave my most empathetic and encouraging smile. he returned my smile with a frail nod of his head.

i learnt last night that he has passed away, not so much from cancer, but from falling off his wheelchair.


i think most people look forward to  a long and lasting life. i cannot imagine the blow on an individual and his family when they’re given less than 3 months to come to terms with an impending death and the pain of watching a loved one wither away everyday and to lose them faster than you expected because of a fall.



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