27 december 2008 : you’re married!

funny, my most vivid memory of kevin is him receiving tuition from my dad in my living room. it’s a bit surreal to see my handsome cousin getting married. i thought i won’t feel much since i am not that close to him but my happiness for the couple grew as the day drew closer to an end.

i wish them all the blessings and happiness in the world!

i missed the morning bride fetching session. i also missed the morning church session. church weddings are beautiful. i realised on saturday bedok methodist church is very near to simpang bedok. haha.

their little lunch/tea ceremony was held at changi beach club. i think it’s lovely to hold it there because this place holds special meaning to many of us.

we used to come here often for swimming and dinner. it was always an exciting time for the kids.

i used to run up and down the steps with charmaine (kevin’s sister) and my sister.

the lunch, the tea ceremony and the lovely sea view.

and then they gave all the cousins red packet.
i feel embarrassed to be given one.

the wedding dinner at grand copthorne.

i love crystal’s red dress.

the mc (some tv host from kid central) was great. i love love love his voice! the food was delicious. the video montag was real classy – i love it – people tend to make it cheesy. you can get the same classiness at your wedding with “36 frames wedding photography”.

the father gave a lovely speech and sang a beautiful song for his daughter crystal. this man is funny. some of the things he said that night : –

“crystal and kevin – go forth and multiply!”

“i’ve been waiting all my life to walk my daughter down the aisle. i finally did it today and it is exhilarating! dads, you should all go try it!”

i doubt the following would be captured in photos if not for the wedding.

my dear cousin vera. i spent almost one year working for her when i graduated from poly.

dinner ended at 10.30. quite a feat if you asked me!
my dad fetched me to the department chalet at east coast and i didn’t sleep until 6am.

long long day.


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