i failed terribly.

goals for 2008

  1. adopt a healthier lifestyle
  2. clear ACCA 
  3. contribute more to work.  
  4. break free from all things that tie me down
  5. learn cooking
  6. do some form of volunteer work

characteristics to build in 2008

  1. to be more cool headed.
  2. to be less whiny, grouchy and snappy
  3. to be less quick to judge people
  4. to be more understanding towards people and their predicament


unfortunately, i didn’t achieved most of my goals.

my health is out of whack, i’m still waiting for the results of my last 2 papers, some things continue to tie me down, i still have not moved beyond cooking instant noodles and i’m still too tied down with work and studies to do any volunteer work.

fortunately, i thought i was a better person in 2008.

i am more cool headed but still not cool headed enough. i have also come to realise my history gives me almost zero rights to judge people and i have learnt to accept people for who they are but sometimes i wonder am i going down the correct path here because the more absurd a character, the lower the chances of me being judgemental. i am like – go ahead! be morally incorrect! go mad! do stupid things just don’t kill yourself and others!  sometimes, i can’t help but love the people who walk on the bizarre side of life but who am i to say i am the normal one?

who am i, this insignificant low life, to judge. 
i’ve come to realise and accept with all understanding that i ain’t so great either. i don’t mean it in a “i’ve got zero self esteem left” kind of way so chill.

i think that was the best lesson for me in 2008. we all know judging is not good but to fully grasp the essence of this teaching is a different thing altogether.

i’m glad i did.

i think.


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