oh, robert!!

i cannot decide whether i love edward cullen or robert pattinson more.



i spent a good amount of time last night watching robert pattinson’s interviews. he is nothing like edward cullen. i found him to be quite sweet, hilarious and a little bit mad. he is so baffled with the madness surrounding him ( i don’t understand why they keep screaming.) and he doesn’t understand why is everyone so obsessed about his hair. i watched 8 videos of his funny moments. ah. he is cute. he hates washing his hair. doesn’t understand why he needs to shower. despite his lack of in terms of personal hygiene, i find myself utterly charmed by him, his cute laughter and dry humour. he sings and plays the guitar and piano too.


i think he’s very johnny depp. a bit scruffy, oblivous to his gorgeousness, completely hilarious, self-effacing and nothing like what a teen idol should be. there’s a very easy going charm about him and i like it very much. i love his utterly messy hair. i don’t mean this in a coke head way but i am reminded of pete doherty everytime i see robert pattinson looking disheveled.

pete doherty

i guess it’s a british thing huh?
s e x y.



  1. the captain

    LOL – ” i don’t mean this in a coke head way ”

    rob is about the cutest sexiest thing to arrive ever. may he stay cool and keep his wits about him as he navigates the year that will be 09

  2. Lulu

    Well-said, Miss. I was prepared to hate Mr. Pattinson, but then I saw the movie. Then I saw it again. And again. You get the idea. The whole cast grew on me but the unique Mr. Pattinson’s charm and appetizing good looks leaves me sitting in theatre after everyone else has left, leaves me aching for more when it’s time for the end credits to roll. I must not be the only one because even though I try to be early to the showing, the theatre seats are already filled by the time I grab my ticket and dash inside.

  3. chloe

    Lulu, well said too. 🙂

    i watched the movie 3 times and every character just grows on you. i can’t wait for the dvd to be out…then i can watch my favourite prom scene again and again..


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