one hundred and one dollars.

i went to see a doctor today because my mouth ulcer was looking less like an ulcer and more like a cold sore. i examine my ulcer everyday and is disturbingly fascinated with how it changes when it comes in contact with toothpaste, food and water. sometimes, it breaks into numerous white dots. sometimes, it is one big wound. it bleeds every morning and white stuff flows out of it everytime i brush my teeth. it doesn’t help that is it also crusty and that my lips swells up every morning.

it just looks terrible.

the doctor looked at my cold sore and prescribed me with anti viral drugs which has to be taken every 3 hours, 5 times a day. i have to take this for 5 days. pills and cream was also given to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process.

i was the only patient at the clinic. i exclaimed HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in horror when the clinic assistant told me the bill is $101 – i exclaimed so loudly the doctor came out of the consultation room. haha.

so damn expensive.



  1. kennie

    please take care of ur health ok?

    if after 5 days u haven’t recover, go back and “HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the clinic. then punch him when he comes out.

  2. Juju

    of course i read it already heheheheeheheh i read it when it wasnt famous and ppl laughed at me cos i was reading it back then lor!!!!!!! now everyone want to action….

    anyway WHICH CLINIC IS IT i also want to work theres since they charge u so high nabei!!!!!!

    heheheh WE CAN MEET NEXT SUNDAY I OFF!!!!!!!!!! meet earlier

  3. chloe

    the clinic is @ redhill – u sure u wanna travel so far to work? but i like the doctor lei…even though the medication he prescribed expensive…i confirm get well one.

    can!!! let me know wat time eh 😀

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