making sense of

it came too fast,

the intensity too much,

and i think it left us all frightened,

at the mysterious force that seemed to have grab a hold on us

we are all wondering quietly

about the events of that particular night

and the choices we made

was it too impulsive, and too unreal

did we think too little and ask for too much

are we regretting or are we just afraid to move on

from a past so comfortable to a future so unknown.


why so serious?

it doesn’t matter to me what we are

friends, best buds, or lovers

it doesn’t matter to me what the future hold for us

bright, bleak or blank

i’m happy as long as you are.



  1. shell

    I want to COMPLAIN to your HR!!! Blogging so much during office hours!!! *tsk tsk* Ahem, unlike me, the hardworking one.. muahahha…;p

    Take heart and go with the flow. It shouldn’t be awkward. Take heart and take the first step. It shouldn’t be tentative. Take heart and well, follow your heart. It shouldn’t be uncertain.

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